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     Your search for the best Forensic Document Examiner (commonly referred to as a Handwriting Expert) must include three important criteria:

     1.  The ability to render an honest and correct opinion

          as to the authenticity of a documents signature,  or


     2.  Professionalism that comes from proper training,

           experience, and credentials.

     3.  The highest quality of the appropriate court graphic

           illustration necessary to support and demonstrate

           one's findings.

     Gus Lesnevich and Khody Detwiler clearly meet all three criteria, having over 50 years of combined experience in examining evidence and rendering testimony as court-accepted experts throughout the United States. They have been retained as experts by major law firms and have worked cases in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America. Both Federal and State Prosecutors have also retained them in numerous criminal and high profile matters.

     Although specializing in the examination of signatures, writings, and documents, they have one of the most sophisticated private document laboratories in the United States, including the capabilities of performing all aspects of non-destructive forensic document examinations.