“That booklet [comparison chart] was one of the most effective juror presentations I’ve ever seen an expert use, in criminal or civil trials…and your testimony, on direct and cross, was well reasoned, patient, balanced – most important it didn’t sound at all like you were trying to favor [the client] – just letting the writing show what it showed.”


A qualified Forensic Document Examiner should be able to not only render accurate and honest opinions but should also be able to present the basis of his or her findings with effective court graphic illustrations; especially when providing courtroom testimony. With over 55 years of combined experience in the field, Gus Lesnevich and Khody Detwiler have extensive knowledge in examining evidence, preparing graphic illustrations and rendering testimony as court-qualified forensic document examiners throughout the United States and abroad. Much of their courtroom success begins with producing and presenting the highest quality court graphics to assist judges, juries and arbitration panels in clearly understanding the basis of their findings in every matter.

Please click here to download a PDF sample of a court chart illustration.

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